A Place for Designers

To do great work

Abstract helps modern design teams to work smarter and faster - together. A design platform with stable tools and a light weight workflow so you can stay on top of your work easily.

File Management

One single source of truth for all your design files

All projects have Master files. They are your project’s source of truth. All your Sketch files related to this project, live here. Just drag and drop them. You can have as many projects as you like.

Think of Abstract as Finder for your design files so you don’t have to dig through folders to find the right file. We wrangle file sprawl into a structured, informative, and unified workspace.

Version Control

Designed for parallel work.

Multiple designers can work on the same file, at the same time, without overwriting each other’s work. Never worry about losing any version of a file. Even the smallest of changes are saved and you can say goodbye to “conflicted copy”.

Anyone in your team can create a branch (like a copy) from a Master files and make changes to them. Your Master files remain unchanged. Changes made to files in a branch remain there until merged.

Change Control

Everything is saved. Everything.

Commits provide your team a snapshot in time of your work. They capture and provide context for the changes made to a file. To integrate the changes into the Master file, simply merge the branch.

Commits feature allows you to know who made a change and when so you can restore to any previous version, anytime.


Feedback right where you need it.

Share a link to your work from Abstract and viewers can preview the file on the web (no need to download the app!) without ever having to open a Sketch file. They can add their comments by annotating a specific image or object so their feedback is precise. Plus, @mentions ensure you get notified immediately.


Stay on top of your team’s work.

Abstract’s Activity feed is a great way for teams to stay on top of what’s happening with their project. We also integrate with Slack and will be adding more integrations for tools like Github, JIRA, and more in the very near future.

Welcome home, Designers.

Abstract builds upon and extends the stable technology of Git to host and manage your work. You can download the app and share your work on the web. Wherever you go, you have your work. Whether you are a freelancer, a startup or a design team within a big company, there’s always a place for you at Abstract.

Try it for free, today!

Abstract works only with Sketch files at this time but very soon we will be supporting other file types.