Modern Design Workflow

One place to version, manage, and collaborate on your Sketch files.

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All your Sketch files in one place

No more hunting through shared folders. Abstract is a safe home for your Sketch design and library files, a single source of truth for your design team’s work.
I didn’t have to dig around to find a time-stamped, initialed file in the depths of Google Drive or Dropbox.
Scott Hutter|Product Designer

Version control for Sketch files

Stop relying on creative file-naming conventions. Abstract removes the friction of managing your team’s growing Sketch design files. It’s not just version control; it’s source control you can trust.
Abstract allows our distributed team to collaborate, share, and present work, with one single point of truth.
Andy Lobban|Product Design Director

No more
conflicted copies

Work on the same set of Sketch files without losing anyone’s work. Abstract allows multiple designers to work on the same file without fear of changes being overwritten.
General Assembly
It saves me time and gives me peace of mind knowing that there is a single source of truth for our Sketch files.
Bryan Berger|Product Design Manager
No more 
conflicted copies

One place to collaborate with stakeholders

Never rely on email or Slack for sharing design files, redlines, or soliciting feedback again. Abstract makes it easy to collaborate with fellow designers, engineers, and other stakeholders.
We are able lead more effective, collaborative working sessions with the client and collect feedback and annotations directly within Abstract. This allowed our team to iterate faster.
Amelia Marriott|Design Director

A secure, version-controlled hub for your design team.

Sketch linked libraries

  • Manage your design system using Sketch Libraries
  • Use and Share Libraries across projects and files within projects
  • Full version control and change history for library files
Sketch linked libraries

Collections for design reviews

  • Present a collection of your work and gather feedback from stakeholders
  • Share a link to a Collection or present work live
  • Post and review feedback in context, directly on the design files
Collections for design reviews

Design specifications

  • Measure layers and distances for any artboard, including symbols
  • See an overview of typefaces and colors in use and easily copy CSS
  • Access in any browser, Sketch not required
Design Specifications

Review requests

  • Assign reviewers who can view and approve changes
  • Send updates to teams when status changes are made
  • Ensure changes are approved before merging
Review Requests