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$9 per contributor per month,
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$10 billed monthly

File management and version control.


$15 per contributor per month,
billed annually
$16.67 billed monthly

File management, version control, and powerful collaboration features.

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Platform Features Starter$9/contributor/mo annually Business$15/contributor/mo annually EnterpriseComing in 2018
Team projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Version history Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud storage 250GB Unlimited Unlimited
Web app
Desktop app
File Export
Offline access via Mac app
Private projects  
File previews in-app & web
Comments & annotations
Team activity stream
Slack integration  
Developer handoff coming soon  
Review requests coming soon  
Roles & Permissions      
Contributors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Viewers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Organization account
External guest accounts  
Security & Billing      
Annual billing
Centralized billing    
Online help center
Email and in-app support
Priority support    

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one free month work?

When you start your trial, your first month is free. To continue using Abstract after your free month you’ll need to choose either the Starter or Business plan and enter your credit card information. All your data is saved in Abstract even after your free trial is over.

Can I switch from a Starter plan to Business or vice versa?

Yes, absolutely. Simply click on the “Organization Settings” link in the webapp and navigate to the “Billing” section. You’ll be able to change plans there.

What is an external guest account?

You might want to invite people outside of your organization—such as contractors, vendors or clients—to collaborate on your projects. Admins can set permission for a guest account to be either a contributor or a viewer. This feature is available only on the Business plan.

Can I invite developers and product managers to Abstract?

Absolutely! In fact, many teams that use Abstract to great success today have both developers and product managers using it along with their design counterparts. Since many developers are familiar with Git and Github, they will find working on Abstract both easy and reliable.

Do you have any discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes we do. Please contact support for more details.

What’s the benefit of a Business plan over a Starter plan?

The Business plan is perfect for design teams that collaborate actively with other designers, engineers and business stakeholders. This plan comes with unlimited storage, unlimited projects, and version history. It also comes with powerful collaboration features such as: Slack integration, Collections, Private Projects, the ability to invite external guests to your organization, and more.

The Starter plan provides file management and version control for freelancers and small teams.

What’s the difference between a Contributor and a Viewer?

Contributors are those who actively work and collaborate using Abstract. They can create branches, edit files, make commits, merge changes, create projects and much more. Contributors are paid seats for both Starter and Business plans. You can invite an unlimited number of Contributors to your organization and charged based on plan pricing.

A Viewer can view, annotate and comment on the work you’ve shared. Viewer seats are free for both Starter and Business plans. You can invite an unlimited number of Viewers to your organization for free.

How secure is my work?

We monitor our systems and code 24/7/365 with both automated tools and our experienced staff to prevent and eliminate attacks to our service and to protect our customer's data.